Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary

A happy belated 4th to everyone. Around here we were celebrating our 14th anniversary.  I can't believe hubby and I have been together that long.  Time goes way too fast!  We celebrated by going out to lunch, we exchanged cards and I received the best present of all!!!!!

Pumpkin stared sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He still wakes once (sometimes twice) a night needing help with his pacifier, but he goes right back to sleep!  WOOHOO!

We started him out in a bassinet in our room, and I've been putting off moving him to his own crib.  I was going to wait until he slept through, so he wouldn't wake his brother, but I just wasn't ready to move him.  I finally moved him on the 15th.  The transition has gone very well.  It's very strange not having him in with me.  I packed up the bassinet and the room seems so much bigger somehow.  And emptier :(

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