Saturday, July 28, 2012

a one, a two, a three!

So, I'm sitting on the floor playing with Pumpkin today.  He's sitting in front of me.  I put a toy on my head, and he thinks it's just the funniest thing.  The next thing I know he's grabbing my arms and pulls himself up to standing!  I couldn't believe it!  There was a bit of space between us, and I bet you can't guess what he did with that space...  He took not just one, but 3 steps!!!!

Then I got all excited and started crying and I scared him.  He had this what-did-I-do-wrong look on his face.  After comforting him, we repeated the whole thing again!  Ninny that I am, I forget to have one of the kids grab the video camera.  So we tried it again with the camera on.  I think he was getting tired of it by that time though, because he didn't want any part of it :(

I can't believe how fast the time goes by with him.  He's 7 months old already.  I figured it out the other day, and I spend 3 1/2 hours each day just feeding this baby.  Not counting diapers, cuddles, playing and how much longer things take with a baby in tow.

I've been feeling VERY overwhelmed again lately.  Probably has something to do with the atrocious piles of stuff on my desk.  Really.  It's so bad, I'm embarrassed to take a picture of it.  I just hope I can find a place to hide it before Saturday. We're having family over for the older boys' birthdays.  Maybe I'll just throw a sheet over it and pretend it's a dead body...  hmmm...  Most of it's books and planning for next school year.  For 3 kids.  It's a lot.of.stuff.  We also have our annual evaluations on Saturday.  Did I mention how exhausted I am, even though the baby is sleeping through the night???  Sorry, I know I'm just rambling.  Sometimes my fingers don't know when to stop ;)

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