Friday, October 14, 2011

Cub scout update

We had a semi-informal pack meeting on September 22nd.  my boys had already been busy completing their requirements...

Velcro Boy is a Tiger this year since he's "in" 1st grade.

The Tiger has to complete 15 requirements (5 in each of 3 categories) to  earn their Tiger badge.      They receive a bead for each requirement they complete,  here he is receiving some of his beads.  VB and I were busy over the summer, since I'm going to be pretty busy later this year and early next year, and he has so far earned 12 of  his requirements.

The Wolves and Bears also earn beads for the requirements they complete.    When The Professor earned his Wolf badge earlier this year, he finished  earning his yellow beads.   They earn 1 bead for every 3 requirements,  for a total of 12 requirements.   He and I were also busy this summer  and he has completed 9 of his 12 requirements, so he now has 3 red  beads earned toward his Bear badge. 

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