Thursday, October 13, 2011

AAA Choo!

Sorry, everyone!  Just had to blow the dust of my blog.  Sorry for my long absence :(  Things have been crazy busy around here, and yet I have little to show for it.  Very few pictures and a to-do list the length of my arm.  How is it that you can work like crazy and not get anything done???

Well, I guess I *have* been doing something...gestating a baby!  The pregnancy is going great.  Healthy, active, growing baby and a healthy mom.  Three older kids that haven't killed each other or torn the house down and are generally happy and excited about their baby brother.  I guess that is a lot to show for the past several months ;)

The pregnancy has been going well.  All tests are normal, I even passed the glucose screening!  I've been having normal pregnancy "discomforts".  Frequent trips to the bathroom, lower back ache, hip ache, etc.  The biggest complaint this time around would be the nearly excruciating pain near my ribs and the corresponding location on my back.  After a very long discussion with my doctor, we've come to the conclusion that it's adhesions from prior surgery and 3 other c-sections.  Which means that there's nothing wrong.  Which also means that there's nothing he can do :(  I have to muddle through as best I can until Tiny is ready to come out.  This means lots of time resting on my left side (the only position to offer total relief) or sitting with my feet up .  Maybe that's why I'm not getting anything done!

Fortunately I only have 9 weeks and 5 days to go!  We have a c-section scheduled for December 20th, so at least I have an end-point to keep my eye on.  And I have a lot to offer up for the poor souls :)

I have a schooling update to post, hopefully I can get that up soon as well as a scouting update.

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