Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Happens When... put 1500 kids (ages 4-16) in colorful uniforms and crowd them onto one soccer field?  

You get the opening day ceremonies for the Fall season of AYSO Region 345 soccer.  

Opening Day ceremonies were this morning and it was packed.   And HOT!   At 8:00 in the morning, it was HOT.   They had a record number of kids register this year, over 1500.   Each team made a banner and paraded around the soccer fields.   I believe there were about 130 teams.   24 of them are boys under 6.   For so many people, they were quite organized.   I was impressed.   Parking however, another story...

His game was at 4:00, so we had to go back to the fields.   The Killer Whales (Velcro Boy's team) played The Sharks.   There are 6 kids on each team, and only 4 of the ones on his team know how to play soccer.   VB has a lot to learn and spends most of his time just standing on the field.   The Professor was much the same way his first season of t-ball, until he figured it out.   They lost 4-1 :(   Hopefully they'll do better next time.

Tomorrow: Mass & kickball game with cubs.
Monday: school, allergist appointment & soccer
Tuesday: school
Wednesday: school, groceries & soccer
Thursday:   school & cub scouts
Friday: MOM's meeting (bring food), school
Saturday: cleaning, pictures, game (bring food), birthday party

The Professor has learned the Pledge after only saying it twice!   He's also well on his way to learning what he needs to know to ear his bobcat rank.   We picked up his uniform the other day.   OUCH!   Found the expense in scouting :)

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