Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Makeover...the school room edition (cont)

While we're still in the midst of this major project, I decided to post some updated pictures...

these boxes (on the right) hold the contents of the entertainment center

The couch that WAS across the room.

NO more cheap bookcases!!!!  It actually fell apart as we were trying 
to pick it up to move it!

Bookcase #1.  It's contents are now all moved around.

Where the couch used to be :)

Remember the bookcase that I said fell apart???

This is 4 bookcases.  The two on the right are back to back.  
Hubby is putting together drawers for the one on the far right.

I'm sure you're wondering WHY we're going through all this hassle and expense.  From the time we were married, we never looked to the long-term future as we acquired new things.  Since our collection of homeschool "stuff" is growing, it only makes sense (finally) to look to the longer term for organization.  So many things in this house aren't working or make sense anymore.  So we brainstormed and planned for quite some time.  Homeschooling is a life-style for us.  It's a major part of our household and will be for quite some time to come.  It needs it's own space (at least for us).  We tried schooling at the dining room table, but it hasn't really worked for us for a while.  Some spilled drinks were the final straw(s) :)

We have desks and chairs on order.  The entertainment center is now in pieces and listed on Craig's and the local paper in hopes of selling.  If it doesn't go soon, it'll be donated.  We've begun brainstorming about our desk and the couches and how to better set things up.  This is a major paradigm shift here.  While it's uncomfortable, it's also worth it and kinda fun!

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  1. Looks like you're really making progress, Kelly! You'll be so happy when it's done! :)


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