Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2012-2013 school year review ~ Doodlebug

I'm really on a roll now! :) Doodlebug was only 4 1/2 when the school year started.  Technically, he wasn't eligible for Kindergarten until this school year since his birthday is in January.  BUT...He's so smart I really hated to wait to start with him.  Especially since I knew he would want to sit in on school with Velcro Boy like he did the year before.  So I decided to get him started.  I don't regret it a bit!

Doodlebug ~ Kindergarten

Math: Math-u-see level Primer.  And Alpha.  Yup, two math levels in one year.  Without pushing him!!!  Primer is an introductory level that was really way too easy for him, so we skipped much of it.  He already knew how to count and his shapes and all that good stuff.  Alpha is single digit (with some multiple digit) addition and subtraction.

Religion: Faith and Life with Velcro Boy.  We also read a lot of story books and read devotionals, stories of the saints and celebrated the liturgical year. Since VB prepared for First Communion, so did Doodlebug.  Mostly.  He understands much of what he needs, so preparing him should be easy when the time comes.

Science: Behold & See 2 from Catholic Heritage with Velcro Boy.  It's written on a level that was perfect for both boys this year.  Doodlebug seems to have The Professor's aptitude for science.  Scary! We also read book based on the letter theme of the week.

Geography: We started covering the 50 states using the same series The Professor used from Sleeping Bear Press.  We covered a state each week, so we didn't finish them all.  We also didn't do a scrapbook, but used a sticker book I came across.

American History: We covered the 1700's this year.  We spent a lot of time on the Revolutionary War.  The kids did some projects and a lot of reading.  We made some period recipes, made some tri-corn hats and made some games kids in those days played.  We even made a lapbook (large book made up of lots of smaller books).  They really enjoyed that.

World History:  We covered the age of the Apostles.  Actually we didn't even finish it, we have 4 more units to complete, which we'll work on this year.  We discussed the Apostles, the early Popes, the church fathers and the early martyrs.  We learned about ancient Rome.  They really enjoyed learning about gladiators.  We did several projects as well.

Literature/writing:  Doodlebug also used Writing with Ease level 1.  He started the year doing a Kindergarten handwriting program and totally rocked it.  He has amazingly good handwriting.  Especially for a 5 year old boy.  I was surprised he could keep up with the questions about the passages, but he did really well.

We're still working on phonics using Reading Eggs.  It's a online program and we're also having Doodlebug read to us when ever we can.  He reads at least 2 grade levels above where he should be.

Since we were travelling the Alphabet Path, we did a new letter every week or so and based our science books on that letter.  We also read about a saint, did a cooking project and art work based on the letter.  We had a lot of fun with it, but did get derailed when Pumpkin got really active.  I'm hoping to really do the Path well with him when he gets older.

See my post about The Professor for high points and difficulties.  Overall, it was a good year.  

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