Sunday, February 13, 2011

Candlemas Tea Party

Inspired by Jessica (inspired by Alice), we had a tea party in honor of the Purification of Mary.  The kids love these tea parties.

~ White Cocoa with Pure Hearts ~
The whiteness reminds us of her purity. Out of obedience and humility, she went to the Temple for the ritual of Purification, but she was at all times sinless and spotless from the moment of her conception.
Serve White Cocoa topped with Whipped Cream and Strawberry Marshmallow hearts, representing the purity of both Mary and St. Joseph.

~ Piercing Swords ~
Cubes of cheese pierced with cocktail swords.

 ~Pure Hearts~

Heart shaped marshmallows with fresh whipped cream to represent Our Lady's pure and innocent heart. Each heart has been pierced with a sword for added significance.

~ Anna the Prophetess ~
Mallomars. They are perfect for Anna. The black outer shell shows that she is a widow, but inside you will see the purity and goodness of her devout heart represented in the white center. Note that the marshmallow stands on top of a graham cracker, remindingus that this good woman never left the floor of the Temple day or night.  

We had some Mallomars left over, so when Doodlebug had one days after the party, he remembered that the Mallomar stood for something and he wanted me to retell the symbolism :)

~ Holy Simeon's Arms ~
Mini pretzel's symbolize arms folded in prayer.

~ Edible Candles ~

 Pirouette cookies dipped in melted white chocolate.

Additionally, we "should" have served :

~ Water ~
A pitcher of water for purification.

~ A Pair of Turtledoves ~
 To represent the tax paid at the temple.
Using a Dove Cookie Cutter, make Dove Shaped PB&J Sandwiches. Or PB & Fluff

The kids had a blast!

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