Saturday, July 3, 2010

Science update

We completed the first unit of Exploring Creation with Astronomy, called "What is Astronomy?".  Our first project was to build a solar system (I've always wanted to do this!).  To make it easier, I picked up a kit at Michael's.  We opted for the painted version rather than painting it ourselves :)

To go along with our study of The Way Things Work, I picked up a few new K'Nex kits.  You should have see The Professor's face when we opened the box!  He was THRILLED!!!

He's already built several things...
a blender

He even added a motor!  The instructions didn't include this.  It came from another set he has.

a fan...

yet another motor added... :)

He's also made an egg beater and a stationary bicycle!
pictures soon!

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  1. hmm, I thought I commented here already.... We loved making our solar system ( last year I think.. blogged it too) we gave Opie one of these neat Knex sets for his b'day. When we return to TX , I know he'll get right to it, I should show him yours.


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